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All readings are held over Zoom. A booking link will be sent to you upon purchase. Your birth date, time, and place are required for all astrology readings.

Please read Guidelines and FAQs below before booking your session.

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Natal Chart Reading

60 min

This reading dives into the essence of your soul: looking at the core wounds you carry (often from past lives) as well as your gifts and potential. We explore all facets of you and your life, so you can understand how to heal and embody your soul's highest potential.



Astrological Cycles + Akashic Records Reading

90 min

We begin by at the astrological influences in your life over the coming few months. Then, we open your Akashic Records, where you can ask specific guidance from you highest self, guides, and angels. This further soul guidance will deepen your understanding of the lessons, growth, and opportunities that are presenting.


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Natal Chart + Akashic Records Reading

90 min

We begin by exploring your natal chart. Then, we open your Akashic Records, where you can ask specific guidance from you highest self, guides, and angels. This session allows you to go more in depth to receive guidance connecting you to your soul's highest path.


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2 Readings Bundle Package

2 sessions of 60 min Natal Chart and/or Astrological Cycles Readings

You may choose to do any combination of readings. Some prefer a natal chart reading followed by an astrological cycles reading. Others may choose two astrological cycles readings. And, some mothers may choose a natal chart reading for themselves and one for their child.

($25 savings)

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Astrological Cycles Reading

60 min

Here we look to the astrological influences playing out in your life over the coming months. We explore the major themes that will be present in your life, including the challenges you will face, how you are being asked to heal, and the direction you are being called to evolve into.


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4 or 6 Readings Bundle Package

4 or 6 sessions of 60 min Natal Chart and/or Astrological Cycles Readings

Many clients prefer to work on an ongoing basis to receive support and guidance as they are moving through life. These sessions can be booked on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis according to what best suits your needs. These sessions will include a combination of astrology, the Akashic Records, and guided healing techniques (inner child work, embodiment practices, and breathwork) to support your healing and growth.

4 Readings: $1040
($60 savings)

6 Readings: $1500
($150 savings)


All sales are final and non-refundable.


Please be ensured that all information from your session will be kept confidential.

Session location and optional recording

All sessions are held over Zoom. Recordings will be provided upon request.

Cancellation, late, and no-show policy

Please note that all sales are final and refunds are not permitted. If you wish to reschedule your session this may be done up to 48 hours before your appointment time. Appointments more than 15 minutes late will be considered a no-show and will forfeit the session. No-shows will require another payment to book a session.

Akashic Records age requirement

Both the natal chart reading and astrological cycles reading can be combined with an Akashic Records reading. For any reading which includes the Akashic Records, the recipient must be at least 18 years of age as this is a prerequisite for entering a person's records.


Is an exact birth time required?

Yes, for my readings I require an exact birth time. If you are unsure of your birth time, it should be listed on your birth certificate or you can contact the hospital where you were born as it should be kept in their records. A correct birth time is necessary to provide you with an accurate astrology reading.

Is previous knowledge of astrology required for a session?

No, astrology is the language of the stars, but during the reading I translate this into your life experience. In an astrology session, I provide personal insights to you based upon your chart. These insights will help you to see yourself more clearly so you may move through life with a clearer direction and more intentionality.

How should I prepare for a session?

I recommend giving yourself some quiet, meditative time to calm and ground yourself before a session. Please arrive to the session 5 minutes in advance to avoid any technical issues that may delay the start of the session. You may wish to have a notebook/paper and a pen to take notes during the session. Though a recording of the session is also available, so you can review the information covered at a later time. Also find a quiet space where you can attend your session where you won't be disturbed. Having some time blocked off after the session for journaling, integration, and reflection is also recommended.


 I had the immense pleasure of having a session with Jaimie. From the moment my reading began, you could tell what thought and care was taken when reviewing my astrological chart and discussing a tumultuous past life dynamic that was affecting me now. To hear myself described in such intimate detail, in a way only I would have described myself was so powerful. When it was time to enter the Records, I was met with such clear guidance and overwhelming love from the messages. This was one of the most personal, thorough, professional readings I have ever received. I can’t recommend this enough!

Jenn A.

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