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New Moon Readings

New moons represent new beginnings in astrology. When we connect with the moon, we tap into a powerful stream of creation. New moons are the time of the lunar cycle where we set intentions for what we desire to create over the coming 4 weeks as the moon moves through all of her phases, ultimately returning the the new moon.

In these new moon readings, I read your chart for how the astrology at the time of the new moon is affecting you. This will give you insight into what is present in your life to work with over the coming 4 weeks.

You will receive guidance for the direction your soul desires to move into: what it is time to manifest, what lessons will be coming up for you, how you can grow, and how you can heal.

Each new moon, I will send you a 5-7 minute voice note of your reading. This reading will guide you in setting intentions for the month ahead as well as give you a reference to come back to as you are manifesting and working through any blocks or lessons that arise. The new moon reading will guide you in how you are meant to heal and show you the best direction for you to move in. As you align with the astrology and let it guide you, you will find yourself in a natural flow with life. Held, nurtured, and guided by the moon's rhythm.

New moon readings can be booked individually or in packages of 3, 6, or 12 new moon readings. If you would like to surrender to this container for the whole year and let yourself be held and guided, I highly recommend booking the 12 readings package!

New Moon Readings
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