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Welcome Friend,

I'm Jaimie, an astrologer, Akashic Records reader, and an Usui/Holy Fire® Karuna® Reiki Master. Like many who find themselves on a spiritual path, I too had my moment in life of wondering "What am I doing? How did I end up here? And where am I going?" My moment came during the first year of my PhD studies in molecular biology. While doing my research in lab, I felt like there was something more for me, more true to my heart. But what was it?


And what a gracious world we live in. As soon as I asked the question, life began to present me with breadcrumbs leading to the answer. I began with yoga, which led to yoga instructor training, which led to further delving into spirituality and spiritual practices, including astrology, the Akashic Records, and reiki. And yet, there is no be all end all. All of these spiritual practices continue to help me on my path of awakening to my soul's truth. We are all constantly evolving as souls. Life (and the journey beyond this life) is a never-ending process of unfolding our true nature. When we learn to embrace this process, how beautiful life becomes! Each moment presents an opportunity to know ourselves on a deeper level and to choose who we want to be.


Astrology, the Akashic Records, and reiki have all played pivotal roles in helping me reconnect to my truest nature. I am here to share my practices with you in the hopes that through this work you become more closely aligned with your own soul and heart. Our souls are always there. Sometimes, we just need a mirror to see ourselves more clearly, so that we may shed what is not us and embrace what is. My prayer is to help you come home to yourself and reconnect to the divine light within you.




Interested in my offerings and want to work with me?
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