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Come Home to Your Soul

Uncovering your journey charted in the stars, imprinted in your heart.

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Hi, I'm Jaimie

I am an astrologer, Akashic Records reader, and Holy Fire® Karuna® Reiki master practitioner. My intention is to facilitate a deeper connection between you and your soul. I use astrology, the Akashic Records, and reiki to align you with your heart and your soul's truest expression.

Work with Me

Through astrology, Akashic Record readings, and reiki healings, we uncover your soul's journey, including past lives and your soul's purpose. Through my offerings, we work to understand your energy, how to work with it and harness it, so you may liberate yourself to your soul's truest and fullest expression. I believe we each incarnated with a unique essence to express. Through my work, I help guide you to connect with your soul and embody your true essence.

Client Testimonials

Jaimie was my first astrology reading. I was nervous of what I was to hear. Right away when our conversation started, she had a way of ease and comfort. She touched on a pivotal point in my chart, and I got emotional. She made it comfortable for me to experience my emotions and talk out what I was feeling. At the time of the reading, I had some big decisions to make, and she gave me the assurance I needed at this time to go forward with my choice. I have had other readings since then. Jaimie definitely stands out in my opinion presenting her readings in a space of comfort, safety, and honesty. I am working with her yet again for some further growth. Thank you Jaimie for your loving guidance.

Toni C.

"You are in a process of ever-unfolding and ever-becoming. Embrace yourself and your life as the gift that they are. Let your heart guide you - it already knows the way."

Jaimie Gibbons

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